Thanks for taking the time to help complete the Atom™ discography!
If you have this release, email a scan of it's front sleeve to:
Christopher Miller <>. <--- CLICK HERE
The scan should be in the highest quality .jpg format, sending it at the largest size possible without going over 2 megs in file size (or you can stuff the file). The resolution should be no less than 72 pixels per inch, and no more than 300. Don't worry about color corrections, re-sizing, or cropping - I'll take care of that. Scan as a full-color photo please... bitmap scans look awful.
Also needed would be whatever of the following information is incorrect or lacking for the release's entry:
full album title (verbatim)
who the album is by (verbatim)
record label(s)
catalogue number(s)
year of release
record speed
release limitation
any relevant notations in reference to the release(s)
errors...such as incorrect song titles, messed up tracklisting, etc
anything colored vinyl, inserts, sleeve stickers, obi-strips, colored jewel cases, odd packaging, etc?
if it came with a magazine, book or other publication, info and a scan of it are needed as well
And, please give your full name so you may be credited for your submission.
Thank you!