Nirvâna Lounge
various artists mix by Claude Challe & Ravin
Nirvâna Lounge 2xCD Nirvâna Lounge 2xCD
CD gatefold digipak
Chall'O Music/Wagram Music
WOT 3064712
November 14, 2000
Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto
Disc 2
Showroom Dummies (cha-cha-chá) (excerpt)
Recording Info:
Due to the fact that this is a mix compilation, most all of the songs featured on this cd have been both edited and mixed into other songs (by Claude Challe and Ravin). Disc 2 / track #1 has been partially lost in the mix as the beginning of Disc 2 / track #2, "Besame Mucho" by Don Air is mixed into it . The correct track times for this particular release are as appear above.