Go And Do Likewise!
What Would Jason Do?
Go And Do Likewise!
2xCD gatefold dualplover sleeve
!ooT,eviLnaCskcuD 001
July 2001
limited to 500
Disc 2 _[`Disc Oink!']
Eye Kan Quont (dsp tribute to myself...remix...wdad???)
Recording Info:
In addition to nine audio tracks, Disc 2 also features a Quicktime video for "Billenium" by Farmhand.
Disc 2 / track #7 is incorrectly/misleadingly identified as being a song by Atom Heart when in fact it is an Atom Heart remix/reconstruction of the song, "Music" by Brown, as originally remixed/resampled by What Would Jason Do?. The correction is as appears above.