B12 Art...
All Artwork © B12 Records 1995.

B12 art created by M.Golding at the EPiCENTRE London.
All art is created using Pentium PC's

Adobe Photoshop 3.05
QuarkXpress 3.31
CorelDRAW 6.0
Adobe Acrobat 2.0
Caligari Truespace 2.01
Autodesk 3D Studio 4.0
Autodesk 3D Studio Max

Some of our label art can be seen at B12 Past, the artwork seen here is a small selection of pictures that have not been used for either a label or CD. All pictures seen on this page have been created at the Epicentre London, and each is titled, including this background, which is entitled "FreeformFlow" or "FfF". The logo at the top of this page is simply called "metalicwood". Many variations of logos and letters have been produced, we will be displaying them at some point in the future. If you wish to send your own renderings of B12 logos please do, we WILL display them.
the pictures........ Some of what is below was produced as preliminary designs for LP sleeves. Although none of these have been used to date, they may be used in the future. The first picture below is created to represent our studio "The Epicentre" here in London and now represents part of the entrance hall to the "electronic epicentre" you are viewing now.

Title : The Epicentre
Artist : M.Golding

Title : In-Isolation
Artist : M.Golding

Title : Isolation
Artist : M.Golding

Title : Picture
Artist : M.Golding

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