B1203 Details
B1203 As One / Future Past / Zee#

B1203 was originally released in October of 1991.
Artists were Kirk Degiorgio under the pseudonyms As One and Future Past and Matt "Neuro Politique" Cogger as ZEE#.
This was Kirks first release. He has since gone on to form his own label Applied Rhythmic Technology (A.R.T.) as well as performing for Planet E Communications (Detroit), R+S (Belguim) and New Electronica (UK). A.R.T. has released tracks by Black Dog, Richard James, B12, Carl Craig, and others.
TV People was Matt Coggers follow up to "Mind You Don't Trip" featured on the Metroplex sampler EP of 1991. Matt has since recorded for Buzz Records (Belgium), Irdial (UK) and Peacefrog (UK). He is currently (early 95) working on an album for New Electronica.

Our Paths Meet ~ As One
Harmony Park ~ As One
Your Hand in My Mind ~ As One
Dance Intellect ~ Future Past
TVPeople ~ Zee#
Copyright 1991 Third Eye Music

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