B12CD1 Details
B1209 Redcell : Stasis

B12CD1 contains B1208 by Redcell and B1211 by Stasis and 6 bonus tracks NOT released on vinyl. The artwork to the left was used on the front of the inlay booklet and the picture below was used as the "centerfold" to the booklet. The picture to the right is the three colour artwork for the disk. The CD was released in August 1993 with a Limited pressing of 1500 copies.

1. Waste Lands (Cmetric CEKTION)
2. Interim
3. One Thing in Mind
4. Soundtrack of Fear
5. Outerim
6. Solar Winds
7. Point of no Return
8. Funky Purple Hotpants
9. I Think its in Here
10. Questions for Vanmanan
11. V.C.F.
12. Funky Purple Hotpants (from the Planet Disco)
13. Pauls Outerlude

Tracks 1 to 6 Written & Constructed by M.GOLDING & S.RUTTER @ the Epicentre London, England
Tracks 7 to 13 Written & Constructed by S.PICKTON @ The OTHERWORLD

All tracks copyright B12 / Mainframe Music 1993.
Tracks 7 to 13 Licenced from Otherworld Recordings UK.

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