WARPLP23 Details
WARPLP23 Artificial Intelligence 2
Artificial Intelligence II saw the original AI contributors joined with artists who were new to the Warp stable.
AI2 is now set to spawn a new set of Electrnic Listerning Music LPs from Warp, B12's is complete and is due to be released sometime in '95 when the busy Warp release schedule allows.
The excellent artwork was created by Phil Wolstenholme, which eventually was formed into part of a warp video "Motion" co produced by David Slade and Jess Scott Hunter using Amiga architecture.

The Track Listing is as follows.

Mark Franklin ~ Release the system
The Higher Intellignce Agency ~ Selinite
Link ~ Arcadian
B12 ~ Scriptures
Autechre ~ Chatter
Speedy J ~ Symmetry
Beaumont Hannant Utuba
Richard H Kirk ~ Reality Net
Balil ~ Parasight
Seefeel ~ Spangle
Darrel Fritton ~ Blipsalt
Polygon Window ~ My Teapot
Kenny Larkin ~ Maritime
Scanner ~ Unknown

Copyright 1994 Warp/EMI Music

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