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ART5.1 / 5.2 Phenomyna : Explained
Remixes : Various Artists

The fifth release from A.R.T. was an album by "Phenomyna" entitled "Unexplained". The LP contained 9 tracks all written and produced by Steve Picton from Otherworld Recordings (UK). Several British artists were asked to remix a track of their choice to be released as a 2 twelve inch set entitled "Explained". The remixers involved were Black Dog of Black Dog Productions, Redcell from B12 Records, Nuron from LikeMind, Stasis from Otherworld Recordings and As One from A.R.T. / Beechwood music.

EP 5.1
Into the Otherworld ~ Phenomyna
Into the Otherworld ~ Black Dog Mix
The Travellor ~ Phenomyna (Reprise)
The Travellor ~ Redcell Mix

EP 5.2
Passion ~ As One Mix
Earthfall ~ Nuron Mix
Got the Urge ~ Stasis Mix
The Exiles ~ Phenomyna


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