CDI810 0117 Details
CDI810 0117 eScape
B12 were asked to contribute a track to an audio/visual project for CD-i by Matt Black of HEX. B12 agreed and it remains their only venture outside the realms of vinyl, cassetttes or audio CD's. I would like to say how wonderful the visuals are and how it mazed us all...... but no one here has ever seen it.!! So here is a snippet of the sleeve notes.
"eScape is a unique entertainment experience which delivers club music and visuals directly into your own home. This disc introduces eight storming hardcore techno tracks, from some of the most respected artists on the club scene, with scorching real time computer graphics from video-punk pioneers-HEX"..... well if that hasn't put you off here is a track listing to really get you going.

Psycore ~ Will you make the future?
Mind over Rhythm ~ House of trance
Irresistible Force ~ Underground
EON ~ Spice (Remix)
Coldcut ~ Galatic pot healer
Musicology ~ Hall of Mirrors
Warez D00DZ ~ Internet Worm
Flux ~ Anti-matter

Copyright 1993 Phillips Interactive Madia

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