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LM03 Like Themes EP :
Various Artists

LM03 was released on the 20th of March 1995.
LIKEMIND was founded in 1994 by two likeminded individuals from the East side of London, UK. They have strong ties to Stasis and have had much support from B12 and A.R.T. (who are involved with LM04) since their launch.
This E.P. is made up of a collection of London artists in the form of Black Dog as "Tura", B12 as "Redcell", Steve Pickton as "Stasis" and the co founder of the label under his pseudonym "Nuron".
All tracks are previously unheard and represent some of the best music of 1995, so far.!

Redcell ~ The Silicon Garden
Stasis ~ Monolife
Tura ~ Reishi
Neuron ~ Minutes

Copyright ©1995 LIKEMIND

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