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Electro Soma

Electro Soma was originally released in the UK on Tuesday the 13th of April 1993.

Electro Soma was B12's debeut LP, it collected many of their past works with many new tracks that were created especially for the project. The album was well received and spawned several live dates and licencing deals. Soma was eventually released in many countries around Europe and subsequently released in the U.S. through Wax Trax. Electro Soma was the fourth in the AI series of albums and a second LP is due in 95.
The LP artwork (far left) was done by "Percival" who had previously drawn for comics such as 2000AD and Judge Dread. The "ElectroSet" was drafted by Designers Republic, the Black and white image above was a montage created by M.Golding as a poster and T-shirt design. The image was used for promotional work and press releases in the UK, it was never used for the intended T-shirt design. A full track listing follows...

Sound Track of Space
Hall of Mirrors
Bio Dimention
Basic eMotion
Telefone 529
Static eMotion

Drift was only on the Vinyl LP while Debris was only on the CD LP.

Copyright 1993 Warp / B12 Music Published by Warp / Emi

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