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BUZZ2100008 Virtual Sex
Virtual Sex was an LP put together for the now dispanded Belgium "Techno" label BUZZ.
BUZZ was responsible for Transmats' "Relics" and Retroactives' "Equinox" along with many other influential twelves and LPs of the early 1990's. The Virtual sex concept (by Jan Berquin) was to bring together the best artists from Detroit with some of the best from the U.K. and Europe. This was the first time that such a project had been attempted and to date the last.
Artists Derrick May, Carl Craig, Kenny Larkin, Kirk Degiorgio, Matt Cogger, Stefan Robbers, Stacey Pullen and B12 all contributed to the album. Each was asked a single question, "What's Sexy?"
They replied:-

What's Sexy?

Frequency ~ Stacey Pullen
Christy Tulington serving breakfast wearing one sock? ~ Matt Cogger
Silhouettes ~ Stefan Robbers
Kurzweil K2000 ~ Kirk Degiorgio
If I was to say... It wouldn't be sexy anymore ~ Derrick may
Darkness ~ Redcell
Roadsigns ~ Carl Craig
Water ~ Kenny Larkin

The Tracks were

Mystical Adventure ~ Bongo
Bananagate ~ Neuropolitique
Foreign Dimensions ~ Stefan Robbers
Shambala ~ As One
Icon (Montage) ~ Rhythim is Rhythim
InVersion ~ Redcell
Atles ~ Carl Craig
Tedra ~ Lark

Copyright 1993 BUZZ Music

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