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VOL8 Volume 8
In 1994 B12 were asked to contribute a track and an interview to Volume 8, the 8th edition of the CD sized magazine. The edition contained many other tracks some from known "Warp Genre" music artists, Global Communication and Autechre being the most notable. The B12 interview made interesting reading along with several photographs that we dare not display here.!!!!!
Snippets of the interview text follow.....

Mad : "we're actually fire-eaters with a circus at the weekends"
Bad : "we don't give a fuck if people don't like our music."
Sad : "the Selector and the Specials they were wicked."

FACT : "No matter what anyone says, Detroit is where techno came from"
Bad? : "Our music is about events, we want more than just one groove all the way through"
Fadd : "I was into electro and hip hop"
Fan! : "the Evolution ambient tracks they're absolutly superb, they're amazing"

Autechre ~ Lanx 3
Curve ~ Low and Behold
Underworld ~ Why? Why? Why?
The Winder stuff ~ Swell
B12 ~ Scriptures
Butthole Surfers ~ Who was in my room last night?
H.I.A. ~ Delta
Juno Reactor ~ Laughing Gas
James ~ Skin Diving 1-3-4
Global Communication ~ Sublime Creation
Sun Electric ~ Love 2 Love
The Fall ~ War
The Afghan Whigs ~ Little Girl Blue
Submarine ~ Pollan
Elastica ~ S.O.F.T.
Come ~ City of fun
Sultans of Ping FC ~ Curse

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