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The next planned B12 release, the forthcoming LP on Warp entitled TimeTourist©, is/was released on the 26th February 1996 in the U.K. The project will be appear on all formats, Double Vinyl, CD and MC. The LP consists of 10 tracks all of which (bar one) are previously unreleased. It was cut, edited and mastered on Thursday 28th June 95 at The Town House in West London, England.

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In this time zones special issue, for the cryogenically-challenged amongst you - i.e. those younger workers not formulated until the population newbuild programs (PNPops) of Mid C21 society (2065AD) - we test drive the ultra new TimeTouristTM entertainment software and beam back to the 1990s to visit the era of NewMan and HuManís technological Romanticism - the virtual Futurism Period. Their lack of faith in our prophet, The SciFi, our protector, led the neo-primitives of the 2nd Atom age to explore space themselves. Not content with the writings of the Sci-Fiís disciples Hein Len, Seaclarc, A.C.Mov and Kaydich, nor with the futility of terrestrial dialogue, C20 society craved interplanetary communication in a Headworld frenzy of Galaxian conquest and final frontiers. It is out of this turbulence that the sacred Roddenbury and Lucas StarTexts date. In this time play we can examine the fascination responsible for our 1990ís forefathersí bizarre death race to 2000AD. By using the TimeTourist software you can begin by decoding some of the binary radio signals recently received at the B12 systems observatory off the coast of Europe in the Disney Albion Theme Park. These signals were originally transmitted in the late 20th century as an attempt to communicate with then unknown alien lifeforms. C20 society was unaware at that time that such beings had already infiltrated HuMan society in the 1950ís - as the SciFi teaches us - and by the end of the century held key positions in the nascent world entertainment industry, notably at Warp Records, UK. The crude signals you will decode have returned to Gaia having bounced back off the heavenly mirror ceiling (Which old-school scientists believed to be infinite space) approximately 100 years ago. C20 HuMan believed the possibility of other lifeforms existing within our solarsys was < 0.00325% and so attempted to transmit, using basic technology, simple binary signals into galaxies beyond the known solar system. To avoid language barriers the binary codes, when configured as alternate black and white quadrangles, created crude representations of the HuMan form (as illustrated) and they assumed other intelligent lifeforms would interpret the message and return contact. This irrational quest for contact can only be attributed to the dangerous and perverse C20 addition to knowledge. Remember a little knowledge is a good thing. In another TimeTouristTM play zone we can take a look at images of various C20 society toy-like computers which have been retrieved from archive Internet postings found in the B12 Systems vaults. These pathetically low resolution images are a consequence of the widespread use of older-style non-lateral thinking memory computers (NLTMís) and the inability to transmit the 70,000,000 per second images that are commonplace in the 22nd century was a problem for the world entertainment industry until the advances in VOID/Comm R&D made possible B12ís WorldCOM System. Remember VOID/Comm R&D created WorldCOM in its own image.

An extract from B12 technology times, ©DRTM Games Magazine 2166, further insight into B12 technology times can be decoded from you TimeTourist entertainment media.

B12 SystemsTM is a division of C23 EntCorpTM

Track Name ~ B12System©

Void Comm ~ Replicant Cmetric
Infinite Lites (Primitives Mix) ~ Rendered by Redcell
Cymetry ~ Via Cmetric Mirrortechnics
Gimp ~ Pulped by Redcell
DB5 ~ Driven by Cmetric
Phettt ~ Misspelt by Redcell
Epilion ~ Fragmentation Musicology
Scriptures ~ Redcell-Etched
The Silicon Garden (Flymo Cut) ~ Redcell-Hydration Therapy
Radiophonic Workshop ~ Doctored by Redcell

All tracks written and mixed by B12
© WARP Records 1995/6 Published by EMI 1995

B12 Systems are distributed Offworld exclusively by Phettt IndustriesTM,
B12 (Special Projects producers) wish to thank StarToursTM & London Tours Inc.TM
for their assistance on certain sections of TimeTourist.

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