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December 95
2nd B12 LP "Electro Soma" is released in Japan

February 96
26th B12 LP "Time Tourist" is released in Europe

April 96
1st 3 page B12 Interview printed in MUZIK Magazine UK
2nd B12 Questions and Answers published in "Melody Maker" UK
12th A.R.T. Records gets email address;
25th B12 Opens up it's first European EPiCeNtRe Mirror at HTTP://
30th B12 perform "Time Tourist" LIVE at COCOON in Frankfurt Germany. Also Live: Alter Ego and Underworld.

May 96
2nd B12 perform "Time Tourist" LIVE at the Astoria, West End London UK

20-22nd B12 perform "Time Tourist" LIVE on 3 date EUROWARP (PT1) tour.
Also performing; LIVE: Autechre, Freeform, DJ's: Chris from RAC, Chantel, Ashton Thomas and Steve Becket.
Sat 20th Amsterdam : Paradiso : 10-5AM
Sun 21st Bremen, Germany : Modernes : 7-2AM
Mon 22nd Gent, Belgium : Red Tape Building : 10-7AM
... Reviews, talk and photos of EUROWARP (PT1) to follow.

August 96
24th B12 perform "Time Tourist" LIVE in Switzerland as part of EUROWARP (PT2).
Also performing Live: Autechre, Freeform, Red Snapper, Nightmares on Wax.
DJ: Aphex Twin
Location: Leysin Alpes Festival, Switzerland
... Reviews, talk and photos of EUROWARP (PT2) after the event.
30th-31st B12 Perform LIVE at "New York Generation - JAZZ MEETS TECHNO".
The Beach Front, Ostend, Belgium.
Also performing LIVE : Fred Wesley from the JB's and more,
DJing : STASIS from Otherworld and MoWax.
Fri 30th & Sat 31st.

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