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Artist Title Label Format Origin
Elegy and Nuron Various Likemind 12" UK
John Beltram Ten days of blue Peacefrog LP/CD UK
As One Various EP Clear 12" UK
Photek t-Raenon op-ART 12" UK
Paul W. Teebrooke Various EP op-ART 12" UK
Digital Justice It's all gone pear shaped Fragile/Transmat 12" US (Licenced from the UK)
Innerzone Orchestra Bugin the bassbin (Remixes) Mowax 12" UK (Licenced from the US)
Photek U.F.O./Rings around saturm Photek 12" UK
Various Artists Blech 2 Warp CD (Mixed) UK
Stasis From the old to the new Peacefrog LP/CD UK
last update 5th August 96

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