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EnoWeb gets a number of e-mails from people who have heard a small sample of Brian Eno's music and wish to know more about him, or want to know what album to get next. If you're one of these people, welcome -- we'll do our best to help you get acquainted.

Who is Brian Eno?

Perhaps best known as a musician and producer, he's also an artist, professor and thinker. Music-wise, even if you haven't heard any of his own records, you may have heard his production contributions to albums by rock legends U2, David Bowie or James. In other media, his music sometimes appears in films (Trainspotting, Velvet Goldmine, Heat), television programs and commercials, and the Windows 95 start-up sound.

What kind of music does he create?

We've tried all the airy-fairy descriptions we can think of, but it narrows down to this: 1. Songs. 2. Instrumental or ambient pieces. 3. Unclassifiable.

What Eno albums would you recommend?

Always a tricky question, this one, as answers are highly subjective. EnoWeb reckons that there are two "benchmark" albums which give a good indication of the rest of Brian's output. One is Another Green World, which has songs and instrumentals. The other is Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks, which has a selection of ambient pieces.

What then?

This should do for starters. Remember, these are only suggestions, and the best way to explore Brian Eno's music is to obtain one or two of his albums and get to know them.

If you particularly like... You may also like...
Another Green World Before And After Science; Taking Tiger Mountain; After The Heat
Another Green World's songs Taking Tiger Mountain; Here Come The Warm Jets; Before And After Science; Wrong Way Up
Another Green World's instrumental pieces Music For Films; Apollo; Evening Star
Apollo Music For Airports; The Plateaux of Mirror; The Pearl; Thursday Afternoon; The Shutov Assembly
Apollo's atmospheric pieces (e.g. "The Secret Place", "Matta") On Land
Apollo's beatier pieces (e.g. "Silver Morning", "Deep Blue Day") The work of Daniel Lanois, including song albums Acadie and The Beauty of Winona
The dark madness of Taking Tiger Mountain & Here Come The Warm Jets Nerve Net; My Life in the Bush Of Ghosts
My Life in the Bush Of Ghosts' collage of cultures The work of Jon Hassell, including City: Works of Fiction, Dressing For Pleasure; Fourth World: Possible Musics
The Plateaux of Mirror; The Pearl The work of Harold Budd, including The White Arcades and Luxa

I heard some music by Brian Eno in a film. Is it available on an album anywhere?

Name of movie Music can be found on the following album:
Trainspotting Apollo; Trainspotting Soundtrack
Velvet Goldmine Here Come The Warm Jets
Heat Heat Soundtrack; The Drop
For All Mankind Apollo; Music For Films III
Sebastiane Music For Films
Neverwhere The Drop
Traffic Traffic Soundtrack; Apollo
Million Dollar Hotel Million Dollar Hotel Soundtrack
La stanza del figlio (The Son's Room); Y Tu Mama Tambien Before and after Science

Do you have any MP3's/wavs of his music on the site?

We don't have the rights to reproduce his music, so no. A lot of the on-line stores have extracts from some of his albums -- you could look there if you want to try before you buy. We do have permission for a few MP3 excerpts on the installation CDs page though.

Where can I find out more about Brian Eno?

EnoWeb might be a good place to start...