: music you won't find in most shops:

The Internet offers an innovative delivery channel for musicians and artists to get product to consumers whilst bypassing the traditional order chain. As you would expect, Brian Eno has been at the forefront of this revolution, embracing the opportunity to gain a substantial competitive edge whilst maximising profitability.

What does all this rubbish mean? Merely that Opal has set up Enoshop, an on-line store selling side projects like exclusive installation CDs (the audio CD equivalent of printed catalogues to accompany Brian's sound and light installations), Oblique Strategies cards and the Curiosities series -- CDs of previously unreleased material from the Eno archives. In May 2005 recordstore.co.uk took over the running of Enoshop and as well as CDs sells downloads of the albums in nice friendly MP3 format.

Hie thee, then, to Enoshop, which offers secure Credit Card ordering. The CDs are not available in standard music stores although places like Rough Trade may hold stocks. You may also be able to find them at vastly inflated prices from sellers on eBay who will mistakenly claim that they are "rare" or "out of print".

EnoWeb would like to point out that we don't run Enoshop, so if you have any order enquiries please use the contact details on the Enoshop site.