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EnoWeb welcomes feedback... most of the time. We aim to answer about 90% of the messages sent to us. Sometimes pressure of work prevents us from answering, or messages from visitors don't look as though they require an answer, or we mis-file and forget. We never deliberately set out to ignore e-mails, and if you haven't received a response within a reasonable amount of time (a month, say) then feel free to re-e-mail EnoWeb.

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: if you want to send a message to Brian Eno, please do not send it to EnoWeb. Brian has no association with this site, and we have no way of passing messages on to him. In addition, EnoWeb cannot enter into long drawn-out correspondences with you.

EnoWeb's e-mail response will either be sent to you direct or posted on the news page (without your e-mail address, obviously).

Our policy on site updates: We aim to note all the latest Eno-related developments we hear about (new music, events, films, interviews etc) on the news page. Roughly once every one or two years, we update the film/discography/interviews pages with relevant information from the news page. So please check the news page before e-mailing.

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