some images of Eno video installations

Pictures from 'Haloes on commonplace objects', the sound- and lightscape Eno installed in Hanover in October 1989. They are taken from a leaflet sold there. Details as follows: 6 pages 21 x 21 centimeters each, multicoloured pictures on black background.

these are JPEG files.

Backside (78k JPG)
Egyptian (42k JPG)
ikebana1 (35k JPG)
Map 1 (36k JPG)

images enclosed with Before and After Science

The following files include pictures by Peter Schmidt. These silkscreens (?) came along with a Japanese special edition (vinyl) of Brian Eno's "Before and After Science". I think they also were included in the original lp pressings in the US and UK. The original sizes are approx. 30 * 15 cms. The original LP contained the following information on the prints:

A folder, measuring 190mm x 303mm, containing four offset prints,. of the pictures is available...It was made at Westerham Press in Kent on a Roland 48 four-colour offset machine and printed on Royal Cornwall Cover 160 Book White. The printing was supervised by Hansjorg Mayer. note: these are no longer available.

"The Other House" (43k JPG)
"Look at September, Look at October" (48k JPG)
"Four Years" (42k JPG)
"The Road to the Crater" (37k JPG)

These have been reduced in size to fit onto a 640*480 screen.