Son, Arise

A piece by Eno, from GQ, January 1997

David Bowie is 50 on January 8. Long-time associate Brian Eno offers, er, post-modern felicitations...

Son, Arise

Since Major Tom Tom the Piper's son arise he come in the morning spreading all the light around. His work and work your finger to the bone... In fact, David Bow & Arrow of time is on my side of beef, heart and soul music.

But not solely music: a man also with an eye eye captain of my ship-to-shore thing, boss, an eye for an eye for a nice bit of skirt (fluttering her skirts all round). Ziggy got biggy, very biggy. Then Biggy went giggling, all over the world for five years of young American dream lovers... young everybody's got something to hide except me and my shadow.

After leaving that web, going so low you can't get under it, so high you can't sit down, so wide you can't get a-round round round I get around, he was in a tin drum machine.

Young half centurion, just one L man. Man or mountain? Devil or angel or devil in disguise? Joe the lion or pussy cat, pussy cat I've got flowers and lots of hours to spend with you, so go and make up your sweet little pussycat eyes?

Fool on a hill or foot in the door? Where is he now and then a fool such as I? I, who have nothing ventured nothing gained a son arise. Oh! Oh! Bringing back the warmth to the ground.

© Brian Eno 1997