It is a well-known fact that no Optical Character Recognition program is 100% correct 100% of the time. At EnoWeb I would be happy if my OCR software was even 50% correct 100% of the time. But it isn't. Usually the output of the articles contained in this archive starts off along the lines of "@@@@ En* h0pes t0 nork mith @Dvvid B0nie tris suvvver'-". Sweet are the uses of adversity, however, for just occasionally -- in an Eno-esque spirit of randomness -- the OCR software used for some of the articles in EnoWeb's archive turns up some twisted realities that may just provide insights into Brian's private opinions and motivations.

I like discovering big terntones.


All the elements in the piece are hard in the first few seconds.

One man's nirvana is another man's map.

How important chat is to you.

Music For Films ILL

Both these identities had finite ives

Eno happily hoasts

concentrating on sonie details

The tird method is actually the way people think composers work.

ore Music for Airports

My Life In The Rush Of Ghosts

It's cat led Grant Avenue

I come into the studio in spuns, like a wee@ in every month

Use all meall to defend citizen Cocker

Discreet Musk (Obscure, 1975)

More than lust a diary of day-to-day activities

Love talkin@ about death

parts of your brain are @ pornography

I thought, his loos interesting, I'm just going to fiddle around with it for a bit

hose work outside of that context is really not interesting

That's why I was surprised when you came back from Asda and wet straight in to produce the Talking Heads. [EnoWeb note: ASDA is a UK supermarket chain...]

What do you thhlk about Garg Numan?

you ex poe yourself

picking up and discarding theories at an ever-increasing rat

a cafe wind or something like that

modem music - Steve Reich for example

My music is used dead.

On Naturalism: lady's breasts.

a dark night of them will touch something in me.

Make them more dreamlike. That's a feel-point.

Phil Spector or Jimi Hen-speaker.

I feel like I'm in a lime capsule

It's often the initially unpromising thigh that turn out interesting.

Here Come The Wart Jets

"I can't bear ate" he says of the attention he's drawn recently.

the grey fight after sunset

About a third of it was tone at home.

typically I do something and then I find it Cola itself. Your best things arc

mused heavy bells gong jowly

the long, golden sunlight of law afternoon.

They are returning from the funnel of his best friend

Mused by snow sting to fall at sea

theme from the Inuring Dutchman

Interested in his musty

Brian Eno was last seen In a Parts airport heading for Bangkok

a non-profit foundation aiming to 'foster long-term responsibility' by building a very large, very slow dock

Eno, who took out a press ad to express support for Cocker and revulsion for jacksods act.

the original (land best) version of Gavin Bryars' Sinking Of The Titanic.

I-lost popular music. MY response was just to ban the firs

like the voice of a grotil

A lot of things like Music For Airports came out of that this madness that was America. I started recording it, without any Borgesian idea that you could invent a world in reverse

ion Hassell had a very specific agenda, which was to make what he called "future primitive", or "Fourth World" music; his other description of it was "a coffee- then?"

his way of composing was to write a world noise

I can cheek it across the spectrum of my interests

What I really hope, to tell you the long-term truth, is to invent a new tity for artists.

I suppose my inputs are on two fairly different levels. One is an overview of asking, "Vaat are we doing?

why are we here, where did the universe be- cians hear that, they think, "Oh God, where gin [laughs]. No, it's really true. So I'm sort am I? This is amazing.

I have another job, which is some- lay. That was coming back up the main times quite specifically creating a feeling in track and it was all going to other things.

when Bono comes in to sing, he'll forget that he hasn't got any words and get so excited that he will just ring and resonate.

Because of his ant change

looking for a way to unlock something Oat

By putting it [art] in gallows?

stretched the boundaries of both lime and space,


Most live albums are of no more than token vaine

nut was also the message that came over from Tom

I think that this stinks, Ices change it.

Furthermore the anchorage that is provided by this grid must be physician as well as mental

I lecture in line arts at the art schools

this opportunity to get back to his forte, elecironies,

He shifted Villain

I'm not interested in loose sittia items.

John Cafe


The Sorry Walkman is a great example of how recording has changed our relationship

it is very different from, say, Beethoven. It's made differently, played differently, beard differently.

this tends to create a music that I would call "liologi-al-)liic."

Ibis painting had gone front being abstract and demanding in a certain way

other such treatments as a pair of the composition and riot as a cosmetic.

I like to work with all the complex sounds on the way out to the horizon, to pure noise, like the bum of London.

there are events that are not so close to the car

the conventional style is to have the drums and the bass really Lip close

everyone has to collect in one place to rear it

Talking I-Leads

alien decides what the color of something is

hanging oil

what sounded like an echo, then glacially it crossed over completely

until you're hearts what I to tire

Tirade such air impact on fire

Inferior design does have some sort of a stigma attached to it

People occasionally say that nothing lunch happens

he has devoted much of his time to video and music-sad-light installations

It never translated into bad vibes between the hands.

we got to New York and a big howl of poinsettias was delivered from him

Calling them the 'Berliff albums is inaccurate

My Life In The Bosh Of Ghosts

carried out in the ox-Soviet Union

cashes its audience

It is a criticism that really comes nut of a particular romantic view of the arts," he sighs

They would give gran cares

One of the things I noticed about Pussia when I lived there

I have sonic examples

airy drugs involved

it’s the application of incas

a sense of the lint

Brian Erto talks to Andy Gilt.

I do think that this is one of those records I've made that will get better as tune goes by.

Damn Ftora Life

He inks of a neglected part of his art

involved a talk about David Bowie's jelding

available at airport fury free shops

a fir-fetched coast

It's not so bad exploiting your oven ideas

Bash of Ghosts

Brian's lace

U2's application to he "the best nil roll hand