Brian Eno's voting intentions

During Great Britain's 1997 election campaign, New Statesman 25th April 1997 asked 139 of its contributors how they planned to vote. This is Brian Eno's response.

I will vote for whoever seems most likely to unseat the Tories in my constituency, because I want the conversation to change; I'm sick to death of hearing the same old routines from Labour and the Conservatives and would welcome a new voice: the Liberals.

Hidden agenda: if the Liberals become the opposition in 1997, they'll become the government next time around. God knows what that would mean in practice, but it seems worth a try. They've been paying attention for a long time and have been able to develop policies independently, rather than in reaction to "the enemy".

© Brian Eno 1997

Transcriber's historical note: In the event, the Labour Party won the election by a landslide. After 18 years in power the Conservatives (aka Tories) had their worst result since the 1830s. The Liberal Democrats increased their number of seats. Eno makes the same points about his voting intentions in his Diary.