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Given the large number of interviews and articles in the EnoWeb's archive, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are links to 5 good articles that will help you decide whether you want to explore the archive further, or ignore this section in future. There are plenty of other above-average articles that we could have chosen, but the purpose of this page is to stimulate interest, not overwhelm with too many options.

Before and After Science -- an interview from November 1997 discussing that album, his earlier career and much more

Everything you'd rather not have known about Brian Eno -- from February 1974; Brian's life appears to be as wild as Here Come The Warm Jets

An Evening with Brian Eno -- from sometime in 1982; a dark, moody piece

Getting the picture -- from the summer of 1996; Brian examines Culture

Brian in Wonderland - Ein Interview mit Eno from 1990 (English language version)