Cabaret Voltaire (animation 20k)


Cabaret Voltaire (CV) started out in the mid-70's as industrial noise outfit. There was a brief industrial-disco phase for CV in the the mid-80's, followed by house. At the dawn of a new decade, Cabaret Voltaire, now Stephan Mallinder and Richard H. Kirk, started to ease from techno/bleep into trance/ambient. The results were quite startling and Cabaret Voltaire finally regained the attention they deserved. At the height of the trance/ambient wave, Cabaret Voltaire parted ways. While Mallinder went off to Australia to study, Kirk continues on with solo projects (Richard Kirk, Sandoz, etc).


You can listen to recent musical work by Cabaret Voltaire by downloading some sound samples or take a look at this fairly detailed CV discography.

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