"Scala are currently recording their album - think they've just come back to London from recording in Cornwall and are in production." [Source David Thorpe]

As promised, here are some sound samples from the new releases by Scala. Scala, as most of you know, is ex-Seefeel. Specifically Fletcher, Peacock, Seymour and Van Hoen (Locust).

Scala >> Lips & Heaven >> too pure CD 57
VDT . Pain & Pleasing . Tears . Triptych

Scala >> Beauty Nowhere >> too pure CD and vinyl (UK) and Touch # TO:29 LP (US)
Naked . Turn . Hold Me Down . Think In Japanese . Something About Brigitte Nelson . Happy In Her Skin . Ride Me . Heart Of Glass

Scala >> Slide EP >> too pure 66 cds
Slide . Vitamin X . Slide (Richard Fearless Remix) . Slide (Bruce Gilbert Remix)


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