Susumu Yokota

In 1992, an unauthorized single was released from No Respect out of  Humburg, Germany.  In 1993, a single debut from Harthouse, Germany entitled YOKOTA.

The album EBI-ZEN and EBI-TEN were released from Spaceteddy, Berlin under the name EBI.

Collaboration albums have been released by Silent Records - San Francisco, Psyharmonics - Australia, and Bit Communication - Austria.

Has played at the '94 and '95 Lover Parade.

Solo Activities

'92 Tenshin Brainthump EP EP No Respect (GER) NNR008
'93 Frankfrut Tokoyo Connection  Vol. 1 EP Harthouse (GER) HHC24
Frankfrut Tokoyo Connection  Vol. 2 EP Rising High (UK) HART UK13
Yokota Frankfrut Tokoyo Connection  CD Harthouse (GER) HHCD3
Yokota Frankfrut Tokoyo Connection  LP Harthouse (GER) HHLP3
EBI Hi EP EP Space Teddy (GER) ST006
'94 EBI Zen CD Space Teddy (GER) ST007
Yokota Panicwaves EP Harthouse (GER) HH044
Yokota Frankfrut Tokoyo Connection  CD/CA Planet Earth (USA) P50102.2
Yin & Yang A Magic Cap In The Sky EP Frogman (JP) FROG003R
Susumu Yokota Limited Edition 7" Sublime (JP) JP only LEDMON
Susumu Yokota Acid Mt. Fuji CD Sublime (JP) JP only SRCD101
Susumu Yokota Floating SCD Sublime (JP) JP only SBLDD.2000
Susumu Yokota B EP Sublime (JP) SBLEP.002
2 4 6 Vol. 1 EP Reel Musiq (JP) RLEP02
'95 Ringo Plantation CD Sublime (JP) JP only SBLCD5001JP
Ringo Plantation DBEP Sublime (JP) SBEP007W
2 4 6 Vol. 2 EP Reel Musiq (JP) RLEP04
Prism Metronome Melody CD Sublime (JP) JP only SBLCD5003
Prism Metronome Melody CD Sublime (JP) SBLCD5507
EBI Ten CD Space Teddy (JP) ST013
EBI Phat Shrimp EP EP Space Teddy (JP) ST014
'96 Prism Metronome Melody EP EP Sublime (JP) SBLEP010
Anima Mundi Anima Beat CD New Stage (JP) JP only NSR-CD001
Anima Mundi Nebula EP EP New Stage (JP) NSR-002
Yokota Cat, Mouse, and Me CD Harthouse (GER) HHCD002
Yokota Cat, Mouse, and Me LP Harthouse (GER) HHLP002
'97 Yokota Wait For A Day Remix EP Harthouse (GER) HH???
Stevia Friut Of The Room CD New Stage(JP) JP only NSR-CD004


'95 Sonic Sufi (Ray, Take, Yokota) Sakuremental CD Psyharmonices(AUS) PSY.018
Mantaray (Ray, Yokota) Numinous Island CD Silent(USA) SP9592
'96 Sonic Sufi (Ray, Take, Yokota) Optimum Flux EP EP Psyharmonics(AUS) PSY.021
Bamboo Data (Thomas, Yokota) Da Vinci EP Bit Communication BIT.001

Compilations (Solo)

'93 Frankfrut Tokoyo Connection Harthouse Compilation Chapter 2 CD Harthouse(GER) 4509.94261.2
'94 EBI Buddha Trance ? ? ?
'95 Y Psyharmonics Vol. 2 CD Psyharmonics(AUS) PSY.015
Frankfrut Tokoyo Connection Cary on Harthouse CD/LP Harthouse(UK) EYEUKLP003
EBI Interference Live At Love Parade CD/LP Interference(GER) IF001

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