Electro Harmonix with Jonah Sharp C O L L A B O R A T I O N S  
Morphing Cloud mpeg#2
Floating Sync.
November 28, 1994 FAX PS08/51 Germany

Looking for some down-home drifty ambience? :-9 Check out Electro Harmonix, the collaborative efforts of Tetsu Inoue and Jonah Sharp on the Fax label. The disc was initially released in November of 1994, a very memorable year for ambient heads worldwide. On this release we witness the unlikely fusion of drifting spacescape-melodies mixed with moody, percolating percussion sequences. The individual styles of both musicians are immediately recognizable. As on other releases like Reagenz and Alien Community, Sharp again demonstrates his dazzling and particularly effective stroboscopically gated synth chord harmonies, but this time in a vast and beautiful Tetsuan environment. The first piece, the 47-minute space-monger "Morphing Cloud," includes all the aforementioned technical details somehow bound together into one vast, coherent track. Low vibrations melt away to prosaic melodies punctuated with random computer bleeps. All the while a thorough wash of whooshy radiance gradually fades in and out. "Replay," the second track, is an aggressive 6-minute novelty mixing creepy voices, jellylike chirps, and an almost Autechre-ish (hah...say THAT out loud) mechanical loop.

The final track, "Floating Sync," was included on the Ambient Cookbook/Fax Compilation and places us in an oriental atmosphere with breezy hints of human voice, rotating propeller-like warbles, and a nice descending Bass pulse that adds the rhythmic structure. And of course the gated chords get a reprise. Highly recommended to any Tetsu fan looking to fill out hir collection. And what exactly *is* that thing on the cover? A VR helmet? A headphonauts headgear eliciting pleasurable mental eruptions??

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