Fragment Dots  S O L O  
Cut And Clicks
Active Beauty
Spectral Disk
Super Digital
Modem And I
Soft Drink Error
Square Curves
Micro Timber
Head Set
Portable Noise
May 23, 2000 7229 Tzadik

This is Tetsu's second solo album on Tzadik.
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Fragment Dots reviewed by Carnival_of_soles
Here's is the review as it was posted to the ambient list June 5th, 2001:

Having just purchased Tetsu Inoue's Fragment Dots, actually rescued it from Borders, I am inspired to review this for those who haven't ventured to yet.

I wasn't going to buy it since I had already got Psycho-Acoustic and disliked it VERY, VERY much. I picked it up, but decided against the risk and replaced it on the rack. As I turned, a small voice called out "Sissy!". I looked around but few people were in the store and nobody was anyways near me. I looked back down and the CD, which I had replaced near the back of the rack, was in the front (again). So I decided that resistance was futile and bought it.

I decided that the best time to listen was when I was shaving since my boredom is titanic then. I put on the disk and listened, I mean shaved.

Now I must tell you that I had composed a long, meandering review full of descriptions, similes and metaphors but something didn't feel right. I realized that such a review was better suited for his FAX and earlier stuff: long droning, wordy passages interspersed with little asides and comments. Totally inappropriate for this music, to be sure!

So, in the spirit of his current music, I pasted the entire review onto a mirror and dropped it from a second story window. Running downstairs, I rescued several shards that had something comprehensible and here they are:

Shard 1. My disk is wonderful, deep ambience but skips like the devil itself.

Shard 2. His attention span seems to have shortened.

Shard 3. I wonder what one big dot would have sounded like. Or have we already heard that before?
Editorial Aside:
I hope you've enjoyed this foolishness, and if not, simply delete and forget. If it wasn't funny, it should be ignored...

PS - Notice that I didn't even used the G-word!

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