Datacide 2 W I T H   H E A R T  
Ambient Head
Meditation Bank
Head Dance
Automatic Composition #1
Acid Magic
Data Haiku
January, 1994 FAX PS08/31 Germany

The Fax Datacide is a little rougher sounding than either Flowerhead or Ondas, there's even a 303 acid riff and 4otF rhythm during Head Dance. But as for the rest of it: ranges from thickly layered patterns of quasi-chaotic note loops cleverly worked into catchy melodies to contemplative moments of waaay out spaceliness. Except for track 1, all the songs blend into each other. The unpredictable whistle from 60's Out of Tune first appeared here on Meditation Bank, although slightly altered and surrounded by completely different elements then those of 60's OoT. Acid Magic has become one of my favorite Datacide tracks... wierd bulbous drones and a muted 303. Perfect for any post-rave prestidigitation. Datacide II has a nice fractal on the cover, which couldn't be more appropriate. Data Haiku, also on the Cookbook/FaxComp, ends the album and is the most mellow track. Polyrhythmic Textures. This is futuristic lo-fi.

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