Masters of Psychedelic Ambience "MU" W I T H   H E A R T  
Start Smart
Artificial Countryside
Tonic Scanner
Sequence Gardening
DAT Prayer
Chi Filter
Coming Down
Infinite Oscillator
Psychic Magic Show
Random Radio
Ethnic Overtone
Instant Spirit
Backward Journey
Magic Display
Flash Up
Funny Concept
Noisetalgic Vibe
Rather Sleep Than Dance
Private Brain Sessions
Internal Effect
Baby, I'm Home
February, 1995 Rather Interesting RI028 Germany

How much fun it must be to be able to release material like this. 27 tracks of mind-warping weirdness from the heralded Masters who brought you the marvelous Datacide project series. This disc is quite the curiosity! Not as similar-sounding to Datacide as one might initially be inclined to think, MU is a mindset prism, a refraction device for the headphonaut's moods. Many seemingly incongruous tones and atmospheres are strung together until anticipation and nostalgia become indistinguishable. And don't be deceived, this multitude of sonic segments continuously flows into 3 continuous pieces that convey the feel of the pleasantly overextended experimental style AND the well-seasoned and time-tested sound.

And this won't be your average please-don't-peal-me-off-the-couch-man chill-out session. Only the all-terrain ambienteers will survive, as the listener frequently deals with counterintuitive changes and sequencing contradictions. Grinding, trickling, howling, warbling, squeezable metallic textures will help melt down those rational thoughts and aid in the discovery of new, more potent mental alloys!

I suppose there may only be 2 stand-alone song-like tracks here, #18 (Backward Journey) and #23 (Rather Sleep Then Dance). This latter track was also subsequently released in a slightly altered form on the Real Intelligence (RI033) compilation, and may be suggestive of both the post-partyvibe schools of philosophy and reality-permeating synchronicities. We begin with Start Smart (#1), a simple " beep " which conveniently allows said headphonaut to adjust the volume to the appropriate level. Heaven knows all these darn ahmbiant discs we are faced with in this day and age are recorded at drastically different loudnesses! Now, you need not fear that your floating relaxation tones rise to the roar of a freshly layed jetstream... Owtch! Immediately after this duty is fulfilled, we proceed to track 2, Artificial Countryside (not to be confused with the Artificial Seaside of 2nd Nature), which yields images of mechanical crickets perched on reflective tubular reeds and a nearby color-cycling, frequency-babbling brook. A pulse rolls in every now and then while a chimed melody trails off. The next barrage of loopy strangeness comes labeled as Lotus (#3), Tonic Scanner, Sequence Gardening , DAT Prayer, and Chi Filter (#7). This goes from the gently meditative to a swirl of sounds that hint at the fleeting random neural messages that disperse just before us humans fall asleep."Song" 1 ends with a reprise called Coming Down (#8).

Next phase, the narrowband assault passed through the Infinite Oscillator (#9), morphed into a biodegradable polymer via the Plastify (#10) noise treatment, and then the harshness dies out in the subsequent stages of Holycore and Psychic Magic Show (#12). Distance or intentional nonrecognisability is the main feel here. Hints of insects flying by your ears (perhaps the artificial barnyard?!) and reverse dripping funk culminate in Weirdom (#13) and the rgb-friendly Technicolor (#14). This gives way to Random Radio (#15), representing the fading thoughts of Gaia as her electromagnetic transmissions and Ethnic Overtones (#16) blend with the moist, breathing chillosphere. You will next invoke the Instant Spirit (#17), who also makes an appearance on Laswell's City of Light during Kashi, which Tetsu also constructed. Hints of the Datacide strategy emerge. Sit back now, here comes the music proper with Backward Journey (#18), in the atypical split channel mix that we've learned to expect from the occasional Rather Interesting release. And we've got Geeetar, folks, yes look out it's coming for you! A solo of mother-spacely proportions hits like the rocker collective. Voice as well, seemingly in both Japanese and English, audibly tearing your drivers to shreds. The only certain things I can hear are, "It's not fake, end of century, Magic Display (#19)," along with some other ambiguous vox action. This disc is something I'm going to be playing on New Year's Eve this year if I can help it. Loud!!! Flash Up (#20), and then Funny Concept (#21) which reminds me of the all-too familiar chapel organ outro. Phase 3 of the album: Noisetalgic Vibe (#22) acts as the intro to Rather Sleep Then Dance (#23), which make much more sense in the context of this album. And if that isn't enough, Private Brain Session (#24), Internal Effect, and Baby, I'm Home should finish you off. I'll close in saying that if you ever see this disc for sale and don't buy it, particularly if you're a Datacide fan, you will regret it till the end of your days when, that is if, you hear it....

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