Time2      W I T H   N A M L O O K  
Bypass Mood
Free and Flowers
I've Got Chillness Illness
USA release: November 4, 1996 / World release: November 18, 1996 FAX PW32 Germany

I've sat down several times with the intention of reviewing this release, but the disc is a bit of an enigma to me and descriptions would not come easily. Before production began, Tetsu expressed an interest in trying something different instead of merely following up previously existing projects on the Faxlabel. So from one perspective, Namlook and Inoue set out to make what might have been 2350 Broadway IV or Shades of Orion IV, and it instead became TimeSquare. Overall, a more experimental project this time rather then the well-polished deep chill sessions we're used to when this duo teems up. Track descriptions: Bypass Mood- A discordant 3-chord cycle repeats without changing much. Brief chimes and other similar sounds punctuate this starter track which serves more as a preparation period for the listener then anything else. At just about 5 minutes, this is the shortest track on the disc. Free & Flowers- This track combines 4-5 very different elements into a 25-minute journey. These elements shift slowly to change the track structure several times without altering the basic tone. Soft sinewaves, chimes, drums and hi-hats, and spacious drones create a drifting whirlpool of sound. Before long, this whirlpool will gain much momentum.  

Without the distant drum sequences and bass pulses, this reminds me a lot of The Sleeper II from Coil's "How To Destroy Angels" CD, but Free & Flowers is a lot longer and contains several semi-distinct stages, and is a bit more active. It elicits a mood hybrid of dreamstate and deja-vu. 11 Minutes into it the track shifts into reverie mode: the drums fall out and you are left floating in an alien landscape of shimmering tones and a group of other more subtle, difficult-to-describe noises. At about 15 and a half minutes, the tones also fade out and the focus is left on bass, atmospherics, and hi-hats which once again draw in the percussion sequencing. Quasi-bird chirps and tweets abound. Soon, the song shifts again into a final reverie, this time with background chords and what sounds like large metallic plates migrating too hi up in the night clouds to see. Turn- At first, residual sounds from Free & Flowers gather and regroup, then a new drum sequence is introduced. After a few moments, things seems to be moving in the "eerie" direction. The birds are still here. There is a momentary lull in activity, then weird things start to happen: the drums fade back in but are much faster BPM-wise then they were before; and more sounds trickle in from track 2, but they are all out of order and everything starts to get a bit chaotic. Filters warp drums and things are getting unpredictable and mixed up. Confusion! And then flowing, glowing beatlessness. Finally, silence. I've Got Chillness Illness- Someone else do this track... ;)

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