BFORD 7: Change (1990)

This track is based on 'Change your Ways' from the 'Ooo' album, but has more moody sounding vocals. The music is derived from 'Crashing' (from the 'Ford Trax' double 12"), though the 'acid' sounds are replaced by organs. The Konrad Cadet Mix shows a development into a more minimal direction and was also featured on the BFORD9 album. The 12" comes in a silver Rhythm King sleeve, with the sticker that can be seen above.

Change 12" (BFORD7, Rhythm King)
 A:  ??:?? Change (Original Version)
 B1: ??:?? Change (Quick St.)
 B2: ??:?? Change (Konrad Cadet Mix 1)

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