BFORD 8: In your Blood (1991)

'In your Blood' is a deep techno track with dark pumping beats and a 'French Kiss' intro, then suddenly you hear a scream and a 'tribal' breakbeat keeps moving it forward. Mix 2 leaves out the vocal and is a collaboration with Belgian techno producer Christian J. Bolland; the mix on side 1 (post remix treatment by Ian B.) is actually the same version, but the reverb effect gives it a deeper feel. 'Charge it' is Peter's original mix, has got more of a 'disco feel' and is very much in a BFORD9 style.

In your Blood 12" (BFORD8, Insumision / Transglobal)
 A:  ??:?? In your Blood
 B1: ??:?? In your Blood (Mix 2)
 B2: ??:?? In your Blood (Charge it)

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