Compilation Appearances

??:?? Oochy Koochy (Konrad Cadet Mix)
       on 'The History of the House Sound of Chicago' (15xCD, BCM Records)

??:?? Chikki Chikki Ahh Ahh 
       on 'Deep Heat' (?)

??:?? Children of the Revolution (7" Version)
       on 'Sounds by Light' (?)

??:?? Wigan
       on 'Deep Heat 6 - The Sixth Sense' (?)

??:?? Change (d.f.w.m.n. mix)
       exclusive remix on 'Give Peace a Dance - a CND compilation'

??:?? Fetish (Subway)
       on 'Rave on' (?)

??:?? Fetish (Mainmix)
       on 'Mindblowing 3' (?)

??:?? Your home is at risk
       exclusive track on 'Underground UK' (Kickin' Records)

??:?? Ilan 
       exclusive track on 'Get Lost' (Multiplex)

??:?? Normal (Is it normal ? Club Mix)
       on Sonar 99 4xCD

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