Move-on (1992)

Not a 'real' Baby Ford release, as it's been put out by the Sire label, which had so far marketed his records in the USA. Three tracks are from the 'BFORD 9' album, and the other three of them are remixes of 'Move-on' done by Mindless. The 'Mindless Mix' is quite a strange version which leaves out the soulful melody of the original but keeps the bassline, and the 'Machine Mix' is an instrumental version of it. The 'Furious Mix' is, quite similar to the original song, though it emphasizes the melody a bit more and makes it sound quite euphorical.

Move-on 12" (Sire Records)
 A1: ??:?? Move-on (Mindless Mix)
 A2: ??:?? Move-on (Machine Mix)
 B1: ??:?? RU486
 B2: ??:?? Move-On (Alternative Album Version)

Move-on CD (Sire Records)
 1:  ??:?? Move-on (Album Edit)
 2:  ??:?? Move-on (Mindless Mix)
 3:  ??:?? Move-on (Furious Mix)
 4:  ??:?? RU486
 5:  ??:?? Move-on (Machine Mix)
 6:  ??:?? Move-on (Alternative Album Version)

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