The story of IFACH goes back to the year of 1993, when Peter Ford and long-time friend Ian Loveday founded a club called 'Nude' in the centre of London. At that time, the two had already produced tracks together such as 'Fetish' on Baby Ford's BFORD9 album and 'A kind of living' on Eon's 'Void Dweller', as well as Minimal Man releases on Guerilla and Vinyl Solution. Peter met Mark Broom in the same year in London based record store Fat Cat and asked him to be a DJ in the club. Soon they started making tracks together, which finally lead to the foundation of the label. It started off in 1994 with the release of 'Dead Eye / Monolense'. Though 'Nude' had to be canceled, it set the spirit for new creative activities.

Peter Ford has been around since 1988, when his first twelve inch 'Oochy Koochy' was celebrated by the acid house scene. His first album 'Ford Trax' on Rhythm King was highly acclaimed by the critics and was followed by a more vocal oriented phase with singles such as 'Beach Bump' and 'Children of the Revolution'. He then moved toward a more reduced, subtle sound, releasing his third album 'BFORD9' in 1992, which was ahead of its time and showed that techno was starting to develop to a serious kind of music.

Mark Broom, who was a DJ with The Black Dog before IFACH, is the owner of several labels, Pure Plastic being his main outlet, which he runs together with his partner Dave Hill. He has put out music on many different techno labels such as GPR, A13, Warp, Mosaic, Ferox and D1, to name just a few. Apart from his solo work, he's doing collaborations with other techno producers. He is a very demanded remixer and a respected DJ, booked all over Europe and also joined Autechre on their tour in 1997.

IFACH stands for an emotional, sensual, sometimes melancholic, yet driving, dynamical, danceable techno style, i.e. music for BODY, MIND and SOUL made up of sounds that are subtle but powerful nonetheless. IFACH is a label that releases GENUINE music and has never made the attempt to copy anyone else, but combines the experience and INSPIRATION of (basically) two producers to offer unique music. Though it is impossible to describe the 'typical' IFACH sound, it can definitely be said that DEEPNESS is one basic concept of the label. It is something that all releases have in common.


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