This page contains information on forthcoming releases on IFACH and related labels such as Pure Plastic / Rewired / Trelik.


New releases (out now):

soon to come & already on the Neuton pre-order list: Trelik TR/14 by Minimal Man


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forthcoming releases:

By the way, Ifach 20 has been repressed in the meantime due to large demand.

already released:


Had a look on the Neuton list once more and it says that Trelik TR/12 is now on the pre-order list which means it will be available quite soon. TR/12 features tracks from Tan-Ru and an unreleased version of 'Outside the window' from Minimal Man which has originally been released on the Minimal Man EP on Guerilla.


Quite some new things out ! Ifach Records Twenty (new label design, so be careful if you won't find it at first glance) is out since two weeks and features tracks from Baby Ford / M-Core, Lighter Thief and Eon. Hurry up, it seems to be selling quite well !

An exclusive mix of 'Check your buddah', originally featured on the Sunpeople EP on Trelik, has been put on a CD sampler of Frankfurt based label Raum...Musik. The CD is called 'Raum...Musik praesentiert (2)', the remix is very different from the original and...brilliant :O). By the way, if you're afraid of buying the CD because of just one track, it is a great trip into deep bc-inspired minimal house, and does not have one single filler. together with the main street cd, it's the compilation of the year to my mind.

On the Neuton list, I just read that a collaboration of Peter Ford and Zip (aka Dimibiman) under the guise of 'Perlondon' has just come out on Perlon.


This year will see a new release on ifach with a track by Baby Ford and Thomas Melchior ('Rok tek da city'), one by Eon, and Lighter Thief delivers 'Zippo King Pt 2', based (you guessed it) on 'Zippo King', but making a new track out of it (watch out for the bassline !!)

Also, new releases on Trelik will see the light of day (at least one of them still in 1999), with tracks by Soul Capsule (Baby Ford, Thomas Melchior, Tim Hutton), Tan-Ru (Eon) and by Minimal Man (Eon & Baby Ford). An unreleased version of 'Outside the window' from the Minimal Man ep on Guerilla will be featured too.


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