Ian Loveday

Better known as Eon, he did some very good electro-inspired trancey techno, sometimes with samples from science-fiction movies, on Vinyl Solution, including the album 'Void Dweller', and has produced several tracks together with Peter Ford, such as 'Fetish' on 'Bford9', 'A kind of living' (on 'Void Dweller'), 'What is music' (Eon 12'') and 'Dead Eye' (ifach 001). Beside the Minimal Man project (see menu on the left), there have been some 12''es on Peter Ford's Trelik label as Tan Ru and R. Rash, two releases ('Wave Angel' and 'Phaze Test') on Jonathan Saul Kane's Electron Industries label and a four track e.p. on Peter's PAL SL label (see menu). In the last few years his style has turned more minimal; his releases on Trelik are music for both body and mind, a cleverly produced sort of 'progressive' dance-techno. With Mark Moore of S'Xpress fame, however, he has also produced house tracks.

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