Kotai & Bader

Two producers behind the Berlin based 'Elektro Music Department' label, which is known for a very minimal, subtle sound with deep korg bass sounds. Most of the releases on the label came from Klaus Kotai and Gabriele Loschelder aka Mo. Their tracks are not meant to be melodic, but rather made up of sophisticated repetitive sound patterns. With the album 'NYC Loops', Kotai + Mo brought the art of repetition to perfection, using unique analogue sounds to create complex loops which get more intense while listening to them over and over again, and leave the impression of a 'hidden' melancholy. The collaboration between Klaus Kotai, Jochen Bader and Peter Ford as Birds carries the concepts of 'NYC Loopz' and Peter's 'Headphoneasy Rider' one step further, the Birds album (PAL SL) combining a deep minimalist sound with voice samples from the producers themselves. The Elektro Music Dept. CD compilation, by the way, was CD of the month in German music magazine SPEX in February 1999. Some releases: