Ed Handley & Andy Turner

Also known as Plaid, they've been members of Black Dog Productions, who did quite a number of experimental 12'' es and albums on Black Dog Records, GPR, Warp and Rising High. Black Dog worked as a collective, producing a freestyle sound based on abstract rhythms ranging from slow to fast, mostly with an ambient feel, sometimes experimenting with layered harmonies. Their music is a must-check, especially 'Bytes' (Warp, 1992), 'Temple of transparent Balls' (GPR, 1993) and anything as Balil and Atypic on Kirk De Giorgio's ART (Applied Rhythmic Technology) imprint. Andy Turner and Ed Handley seperated from the third Black Dog member Ken Downie in 1995 and did two very good and successful albums 'Not for threes' (1997) and 'Rest Proof Clockwork' (1999) on Warp. They collaborated with Mark Broom, Peter Ford and Dave Hill as Eco Tourist (ifach 004, Rewired 001), Baird Remo (ifach 006) and Repeat (Unxplored Beats, A13). Plaid are also responsible for a remix of Koolaking on the Pure Plastic label, on which Ed also did a solo track called 'Nine Open'.