Steve Pickton

Steve Pickton started with a release on B-Twelve Records under his Stasis monicker. After that, he released quite a number of 12''es and albums on several labels (see below for discographical info) as Stasis, Paul W. Teebrooke, Phenomyna and The Otherworld Collective. He also set up a label called Otherworld.

Steve Pickton's music is characterized by a very dreamy, melodic, melancholic and yet powerful, driving, energetic sound, combining Detroit-influenced beat patterns and basslines with beautiful string sounds. From 1996 on, when he released his album 'From the old to the new' on Peace Frog, he turned to a more trippy techno jazz sound, still producing fat beats, and not dropping just a bit of the beauty of his earlier stuff. Though he's been inspired by quite a few musicians especially in the world of Jazz, he has always done his very own unique, emotional, intensive sound that can hardly be compared to something else in the field of electronic music. Beside his solo work, he also collaborates with Mark Broom and Dave Hill as Kape I'll Miester or Ted Howler Rhythm Combo.

with Mark Broom / Dave Hill:


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