baby ford ifach trelik pal sl

related info - official site (requires shockwave) - brilliant site with discographies for mark broom's labels pure plastic, 3zone, rewired and unxplored beats as well as for steve pickton's otherworld label. check !


eevolute - realaudio of peter ford remix (EEVO 017)
insane - shockwave site with baby ford audio !! check it !

related labels

peter ford related

klang elektronik - bford 16
raum...musik - featured an exclusive trelik track on a compilation
rephlex - bford 15
source - bford 13
black market - headphoneasy rider lp
multiplex - track on 'get lost'
mo wax / excursions mo wax - twig bud release
eevo lute - remixes for florence
disko b - remix for dj hell
volume / tex - solcyc track on tex 4
studio k7! - ifach track on s. pullen mix cd

mark broom related

general production recordings - early tracks as midst of tumult and repeat
mo wax / excursions mo wax - midnight funk association
warp - sympletic ep
silver recordings - lowground cd (with starfish pool)
multiplex - track on get lost
speaker attack - swiss techno label
domino - midnight funk association releases
domino (official)
piranha - mark's mix cd was this label's debut
fat cat - lee grainge of fat cat appeared on pure plastic
plink plonk - tracks as kasm and remixes for masp (plk 40)
volume / tex - rue east & solcyc track
talkin loud - remix for nicolette

steve pickton related

op-art - as paul w. teebrooke
art - as phenomyna
likemind - as stasis
b12 - as stasis
multiplex - as stasis
clear - remix for clatterbox

related artists did records on

perlon - dimbiman (PAL SL)
elektro music department - kotai + mo (birds, PAL SL)
electron industries (@ phinnweb) - eon (trelik, PAL SL)


plaid (unofficial)
eon site @ phinnweb
starfish pool [1]
starfish pool [2]
selected afx loops
afx (official site)
autechre discography
black dog (official)

private techno sites

andrew duke cognition - great specials for techno people
textures 95.3 MHz - techno radio show. full of links !!
inaudible radio - internet radio show by lance mc gannon and john c
juicebox - great lettland based techno site
amazing discographies - discographies for nearly every label out there !!
forcefield - excellent techno reviews
ear se prononce oreille - brilliant techno magazine - features a mark broom interview !
circonium - dedicated to the sound of berlin


de:bug - german techno magazine
groove - german techno magazine
magic feet - uk techno zine (dead link ??)

clubs / events

wmf (berlin)
sonar (spain)
lost (london)
ultraschall (munich)
the end (london)

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