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PAL SL is an artist oriented label set up by Peter Ford in 1996. compared to his labels Ifach and Trelik (launched in 1994 and 1995, respectively), which mainly comprise collaborations with Mark Broom and Ian Loveday, respectively, there's more artistic freedom and a more 'liberal' concept behind it. Although any record on PAL SL was characterized by the personal style of the respective artist, there's a minimal feel to all of the releases so far. Beside Peter Ford himself and Ian Loveday aka Eon (info on Ifach site), the following artists have put out music on the label:


Klaus Kotai and Jochen Bader formed Birds together with Peter Ford in 1997. Both producers are behind the Berlin based Elektro Music Department label, most of the releases on which were done by Kotai and Gabriele Loschelder aka Mo. The name of the label was adopted from the Elektro Club in Berlin, which brought experimental futuristic sounds to lovers of electronic music and combined it with the visual art of Daniel Pflumm, who has ever since been an important part of Elektro Music Department and who also does video performances and artwork for the Birds project. The music of Kotai+Mo is based on cleverly produced bass loops forming tracks that show their full effect after repeated listening, using dark soundscapes rather than 'classical harmonies' to create a warm and melancholic feel. The Birds LP has been praised by the critics (De:Bug, Intro, Groove, Beam me up) and combines the ideas of three heads of the minimal electronic scene in a harmonic way, using voice samples that give a certain warmth to it. Live performances, combined with visuals, are an important element of the Birds concept.


aka Zip is the owner of the Perlon label, based in Offenbach (Germany) near Frankfurt am Main. Zip produces swinging minimal house tracks with voice samples (e.g. from cartoons) and tricky sounds. He gave us some great examples of music which consists of reduced, subtle sounds and which is yet pumpin and danceable. Together with Markus Nikolai, he forms the duo Pile. Other guests on his label are Hombre Ojo aka Markus Nikolai, Ricardo Villalobos and Benjamin Wild. Matthew Herbert has done a remix for Dimbiman on Perlon, a label which after 11 releases already belongs to the cream of the european 'minimal house' scene. In the past, Zip and Nikolai formed the wave project Bigod 20.


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