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this site is dedicated to the various projects and labels of peter ford aka baby ford who did acid and vocal house records by the end of the eighties and at the beginning of the nineties, releasing two albums 'ford trax' and 'ooo-the world of baby ford' as well as several singles such as the acid house anthem 'oochy koochy', 'chikki chikki ahh ahh', t.rex cover version 'children of the revolution' and the vocal house stomper 'beach bump'.

in the year of 1992, he went into a new direction, producing a more reduced and experimental style and offering a definition of minimal and yet deep and soulful techno / house music with his third album 'bford9'. during that period, the first collaboration with ian loveday (eon) was done, which was continued later on as 'minimal man'.

from 1994 on, peter set up three labels: ifach (with mark broom), trelik (which featured collaborations with ian loveday) and pal sl (an artist oriented label). with the releases on these labels as well as his album 'headphoneasy rider' (1997), he opened new dimensions in minimal techno, producing subtle and emotional, yet danceable, rhythmic and pumpin' music in an individual, outstanding style.

this site is split into four parts:

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