Darkside radio is produced ~ weekly by iron feather at the phun hq in Colorado as well as the KGNU Radio station in Boulder Colorado. We welcome mix tapes, music promotions, station IDs, greetz, demos, audio philez, etc.

Grab yer mic and produce a "station ID" for us and either e-mail us the audio phile or send in a CD or cassette. Introduce yourself, talk about what you are upto or do some shout outs, and mention that the listener is chooned into "DRiP", "Darkside" or "Iron Feather Radio". We will mix it into our next show, thanks!

Join our team! Can you send us audio reports regularly? We need people from around the world to submit scene reports, gossip, radio drama, music reviews etc. It is very easy. Be a staff member, drop email!

These shows are available to any radio station in the world for you to rebroadcast. Drop email if interested.

Bands, DJs and Musik Makers:: send in your record, CD, tape etc with artists infos and we will feature your choonz or mixtape on the next show. You can also send us a link to your MP3s online. We will promote your music on our next radio show. You may also want to create a station ID for us as we will play that constantly. Send all promos to: Stevyn Prothero, Notice: If we really dig your stuff we will also review it in our printed magazine (since 1987) IRON FEATHER JOURNAL which is distributed world wide.


> LISTEN: MP3: Electronic Air radio show with DJ D15C0 & IronFeather



> LISTEN: MP3: Electronic Air radio show. OLD SKOOL RAVER REUNION SHOW: the "i raved in colorado in the '90's" special edition of ELECTRONIC AIR radio show with DJ Nommo, Scooter, Feile, Laura, DJ Lockout & IronFeather with special call ins by DJ Greg Eversoul and Jack/SunBurst Productions. (Picture of the crew)





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