This list was compiled by Jack The Tab <> in the late days of April and the early-mid days of May 1999. This is an extension or revision of the one created in 1996. There were roughly 80 people who responded to this list. This was compiled from the ambient list and the ambient newsgroup.
I would also like to thank  sasha-e <>
                                          ~AMBIENT ONWARDS~

         27 VOTES
Biosphere: "Substrata"

         22 VOTES
Aphex Twin: "Selected  Ambient Works 2"

         19 VOTES
Brian Eno: "Music For Airports"
Robert Rich & B. Lustmord "Stalker"

         16 VOTES
Brian Eno: "On Land (Ambient 4)"
Global Communication: "76:14"

         13 VOTES
Thomas Koner: "Kaamos"

         11 VOTES
Brian Eno: "Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks"
KLF: "Chill Out"
Vidna Obmana: "The River of Appearance"
Woob: "1194"

         09 VOTES
Autechre: "Amber"
Future Sounds Of London: "Life Forms"
Tetsu Inoue: "Ambiant Otaku"
Lustmord: "The Place Where The Black Stars Hang"
Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue: "Shades of Orion 2"
Robert Rich: "Trances/Drones"

         08 VOTES
Brian Eno: "Neroli"
The Orb: "Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld"
Steve Roach: "Magnificent Void"

         06 VOTES
Boards Of Canada: "Music Has The Rights To Children"
Global Communication: "Pentamerous Metamorphosis"
Tetsu Inoue: "Organic Cloud"
The Orb: "Orbvs Terrarvm"
O Yuki Congugate: "Equator"

         04 VOTES
Alio Die: "Suspended Feathers"
Bola: "Soup"
Michael Brook: "Hybrid"
Harold Budd: "White Arcades"
Datacide: "Flowerhead"
Brian Eno: "Thursday Afternoon"
Peter Gabriel: "Passion"
Steve Hillage: "Rainbow Dome Musick"
Pete Namlook & Dr.Atmo: "Silence"
The Orb: "U.F.Orb"
O Yuki Congugate: "Undercurrents in Dark Water"
Eliane Radigue: "Trilogie de la Mort"
Robert Rich and Alio Die: "Fissures"
Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana: "Well of Souls"
Voice of Eye: "Vespers"
Zoviet France: "What Is Not True"
Zoviet France: "Shouting at the Ground"

          03 VOTES
Amorphous Androgynous: "Tales of Ephidrina"
Aphex Twin: "Selected Ambient Works 85-92"
Autechre: "Incunabula"
Sheila Chandra: "ABoneCroneDrone"
Divination: "Distill"
Brian Eno: "Shutov Assembly"
FFWD>>: "FFWD>>"
Robert Fripp: "A Blessing Of Tears"
Global Communication: "Remotion"
Philip Glass: "Koyaanisqatsi"
Irresistable Force: "Flying High"
Tetsu Inoue and Carlos Vivanco: "Zenith"
Tetsu Inoue: "World Receiver"
Bill Laswell & Pete Namlook: "Outland"
Lull: "Moments"
Pete Namlook & Ritchie Hawtin "From Within 3"
Pete Namlook: "Air"
Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue: "2350 Broadway 3"
Oophoi: "Spirals of Time"
The Orb: "Pomme Fritz"
Jeff Pearce: "Daylight Slowly"
Reload: "A Collection of Short Stories"
Robert Rich: "Numena"
Steve Roach & Robert Rich: "Soma"
Steve Roach: "Dreamtime Return"
Steve Roach: "Structures From Silence"
Sounds From The Ground "Kin"
David Sylvian & Holger Czukay: "Plight & Premonition"
TUU: "All of Our Ancestors"
Various: "Document 02 - Sine: Compilation"
Vidna Obmana: "Crossing The Trail"

          02 VOTES
Alio Die: "Under a Holy Ritual"
Alio Die & Antonio Testa: "Healing Herb's Spirit"
Another Fine Day: "Life Before Land"
Ashra: "New Age of Earth"
Atom Heart: "Live at sel i/s/c"
Atom Heart: "Silver Sound 60"
Augur & Birds Of Tin: "Strange Seeds Come From Odd Flowers"
James Bernard: "Atmospherics"
Biosphere: "Patashnik"
Biosphere: "Insomnia"
Biosphere: "Nordheim remixes"
Biosphere & Higher Intelligence Agency: "Polar Sequences"
Thom Brennan: "Mountains"
Gavin Bryars: "Sinking of the Titanic"
Harold Budd & Brian Eno: "The Pearl"
Harold Budd & Brian Eno: "the Plateux of Mirror"
Harold Budd: "The Serpent (in Quicksilver)"
Harold Budd, Fraser, Guthrie, Raymond:  "The Moon and the Melodies"
Harold Budd: "Lovely Thunder"
Coil: "How to Destroy Angels"
Jonathon Coleclough: "Cake"
Crawl Unit: Vs. Silence
C-Schulz: "4. Film Ton"
Arthur Dent & Deeper Than Space: "Drift"
Dr. Atmo & Deep Space Network: "I.F. 2"
Dr Atmo & Oliver Lieb - "Music To Films"
Brian Eno: "Songs box set"
Brian Eno: "White Cube"
Robert Fripp & Brian Eno: "Evening Star"
GAS: "Zauberburg"
Heavenly Music Corporation: "Conciousness III"
The Infinity Project: "Mystical Experiences"
Tetsu Inoue: "Slow And Low"
Journeyman: "Mama 6"
Thomas Koner: "Aubrite"
Thomas Koner: "Permafrost"
Lilith: "Redwing"
Locust: "Weathered Well"
Loop Guru: "A Catalogue of Desires"
Francisco Lopez: "La Selva"
Lull: "Continue"
Lustmord: "Heresy"
Main: "Motion Pool"
Main: "Firmament IV"
Masters of Psychedelic Ambiance [Tetsu/Atom Heart]: "Mu"
Chris Meloche: "Wireless"
Chris Meloche: "Recurring Dreams Of The Urban Myth"
MLO: "Io"
Monolake: "Interstate"
Bruno Moreigne: "Bruits, Sons, Paroles Et Silences De La Foret"
Muslimgauze: "Veiled Sisters"
Pete Namlook & David Mofang: "Jambient"
Pete Namlook & Bill Laswell: "Psychonavigation"
Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue: "2350 Broadway"
Pieter Nooten/Micheal Brook: "Sleeps With Fishes"
O + noto: "Mikro Makro"
Oval: "Diskont 94"
Ora: "Distances"
Orbital: "Snivilization"
Jim O'Rourke & Gunter Muller: "Weighting"
O Yuki Conjugate: "Peyote"
Jeff Pearce: "The Hidden Rift"
Richard Pinhas: "Iceland"
Pink Floyd: "Ummagumma"
Plastikman: "Sheet One"
Polygon Window: "Surfing on Sine Waves"
Rapoon: "Easterly 6 or 7"
Rapoon: "The Fires Of The Borderlands"
Steve Reich: "Music for 18 Musicians"
Robert Rich & Lisa Moscow: "Yearning"
Robert Rich: "A Troubled Resting Place"
Robert Rich & Steve Roach: "Strata"
Terry Riley: "A Rainbow In Curved Air"
Steve Roach: "World's Edge"
Steve Roach: "Slow Heat"
Steve Roach: "Quiet Music"
Steve Roach & Vir Unis: "Body Electric"
Suso Saiz: "Hypnotics"
Paul Schutze: "The Rapture of Metals (New Maps of Hell II)"
Paul Schutze: "Apart"
Seed: "Vertical Memory"
Seefeel: "Quique"
SETI: "Pharos"
Adham Shaikh: "Journey to the Sun"
Adam Shaikh and Tim Floyd: "Drift"
Shpongle: "Are You Shpongled?"
Skylab: "#1"
Slowdive: "Blue Day"
Victor Sol & Niko Heyduck: "Aerial Service Area 2"
Victor Sol & Heyduck & Atom Heart: "Aerial Service Area 1"
Spacetime Continuum: "Sea Biscuit"
Sun Electric: "30.7.94"
David Sylvian: "Alchemy"
Tangerine Dream: "Phaedra"
Tangerine Dream: "Green Desert"
Ultramarine: "Every Man and Woman is a Star"
Voice Of Eye: "Mariner Sonique"
Various: "A Brief History of Ambient Vol. 1"
Various: "Excursions in Ambience 3"
Various: "One AD comp"
Various: "Two AD comp"
Various: "Three AD comp"
Various: "Axiom Ambient- Lost In the Translation"
Various: "Mirage compilation: The Ambient Expanse"
Various:  "X-X Section"
Zoviet France: "Vienna 1990"

        01 VOTE
Ø: "Tulkinta"
23 degrees: "An Endless Searching for Substance"
2001: "A Space Odyssey" soundtrack
5000 Spirits: "Mesmeric Revelation"
A Small Good Thing: "Slim Westerns"
A Produce: "Reflect Like a Mirror"
John Adams: "Light Over Water"
Alaska: "Dual Elements/Believe in Me/Out of Darkness"
Alio Die & Ora: "The Door Of Possibilities"
Alio Die: "The Hidden Spring"
Ambush: "The Ambush"
Amp: "Perception"
Leo Anibaldi: "Void"
Arcane Device: "Sprach Zarathustra"
Arcane Device: "Trout"
David Arkenstone: "Valley in the clouds"
Arvo Part: "Kanon Pokajanen"
ASGT: "Block"
Robert Ashley: "Automatic Writing"
Robert Ashley: "Now Eleanor's Idea"
Astral Engineering:  "Chronoglide"
Astralasia:  "Whatever happened to Utopia?"
Natacha Atlas: "Gedida"
Aube: "Flashpoint"
Autechre: "Garbage"
Autechre: "Garbage EP"
Autocreation: "Mettle"
Automaton: "Jihad - Points Of Order"
Paul Avgerinos: "Muse of the Round Sky"
Derek Bailey: "Aida"
Banco de Gaia: "Last Train to Lhasa"
Banco De Gaia: "Big Men Cry"
Banco De Gaia: "Last Train to Lhasa"
Bass Communion: "Bass Communion"
John Beltran: "Earth & Nightfall"
John Beltran: "10 Days of Blue"
Peter Benisch: "Waiting For Snow"
Justin Bennett: "Cityscape"
Biosphere/deathprod: "nordheim transformed"
Black Star Liner: "Bengali Bantam Youth Experience"
Tim Blake: "Crystal Machine Music"
Richard Bone: "The Eternal Now"
Bowery Electric: "Beat"
Meg Bowles: "Blue Cosmos"
Fila Brazillia: "Black Market Gardening"
Micheal Brook: "Live at the Aquarium"
Gavin Bryars: "Hommages"
Gavin Bryars: "Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet"
Harold Budd: "By the Dawns Early Light"
Harold Budd: "Luxa"
Stevie B. Zet: "Archaic Modulation"
Cabaret Voltaire: "The Conversation"
John Cage: "Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano"
Sheila Chandra: "Quiet"
Cluster: "II"
Cluster: "Sowiesoso"
Coco, Steel, and Lovebomb: "T.G.V./Harlem"
Cocteau Twins: "Victorialand"
Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd: "The Moon and the Melodies"
Coil: "Angelic Conversation"
Coil: "Worship The Glitch"
Ry Cooder: "Paris, Texas"
Ry Cooder & V.M. Bhatt: "A Meeting by the River"
CORE: "An Area's Era Aria"
Michael Danna: "Sirens"
Yves Daoust: "Musiques Naives"
David Darling: "Cello"
Datacide II
Miles Davis: "Sketches of Spain"
Miles Davis: "In a Silent Way"
Miles Davis: "Get Up With It"
Miles Davis/Gil Evans: "Sketches of Spain"
Dead Can Dance: "Into the Labyrinth"
Dead Can Dance: "Within the Realm of a Dying Sun"
Dead Voices on Air: "New Words"
Death Cube K: "Dreamatorium"
Deep Space Network: "Big Rooms"
Deeper Than Space: "Earth Rise"
Stuart Dempster: "Underground Overlays from the Cistern Chapel"
Oliveros Dempster Paniotis (sp?): "Deep Listening"
Detroit Escalator Co.: "Soundtrack"
Divination: "Light in Extension"
Dj Spooky: "Songs Of A Dead Dreamer"
DP-SOL (Oliver Lieb): "Spacecakes Part 1-10"
Doubting Thomas: "Father Don't Cry"
Doubting Thomas: "The Infidel"
Dr. Atmo: "Gamma"
Dr. Fiorella Terenzi: "Music From The Galaxies"
Dumb Type: "S/N"
Iancu Dumitrescu: "CogittoII"
Earth To Infinity: "s/t"
Electronic Eye: "Closed Circuit"
Em:t 1195: "Miasma"
Empathi: "Desuetude"
Enigma: "MCMXC a.D. ltd. ger."
Enigma: "Sadeness"
Brian Eno: "Fractal Zoom moby remixes"
Brian Eno: "Instrumental box set"
Brian Eno: "Music for Films III"
Brian Eno: "Discreet Music"
Brian Eno: "Another Green World"
Brian Eno: "Nerve Net"
Entropica: "Sonic Bloom"
Experimental Audio Research: "Beyond The Pale"
Exquisite Corpse: "Inner Rhythm"
Thomas Fehlman: "Flow"
Morton Feldman: "Triadic Memories"
Boris Feokstitov, remixed by Bill Laswell: "Russian Chants"
Luc Ferrari: "Electronic Works"
Luc Ferrari: "Presque Rien"
Fireman: "Rushes"
Friends, Lovers and Family: "Hyperspatial Confusion"
Fortran 5: "Bad Head Park"
Robert Fripp: "Flashpoint"
Robert Fripp: "Let the Power Fall"
Robert Fripp String Quintet: "The Bridge Between"
Robert Fripp & Brian Eno: "No Pussyfooting"
Edgar Froese: "Ages"
Edgar Froese: "Aqua"
Edgar Froese: "Epsilon in Malaysian Pale"
Ellen Fullman: "Body Music"
Future Sound of London: "ISDN"
Future Sound Of London: "Cascade"
GAS: "Oktember"
Philip Glass: "Music in 12 Parts"
Philip Glass: "Mishima"
Philip Glass: "Glassworks"
Philip Glass: "Solo Piano"
Philip Glass & Robert Wilson: "Einstein on the Beach"
Henryk Gorecki: "Symphony no.3"
M. Gottsching: "E2-E4"
Mathias Grassow: "Himalaya"
Mathias Grassow, Gleisberg & Baghiri: "Arcanum"
Matthias Grassow: "Namaka"
Celia Green (and others): "Lucid Dreams"
Jeff Greinke: "Cities in Fog I and II"
Jeff Greinke: "Changing Skies"
Jeff Greinke: "Lost Terrain"
Jeff Greinke: "Big Weather"
M Griffin: "Sudden Dark"
Bernard Gunter: "Detalis Agrandis"
Hafler Trio: "Seven hours Sleep"
Mick Harris & Bill Laswell: "Somnific flux"
Mickey Hart: "At The Edge"
Jon Hassell: "Aka Darbari Java"
Jon Hassell: "City: Works of Fiction"
Jon Hassell: "Fourth World Volume 1: Possible Musics"
Jon Hassell: "Vernal Equinox"
Hawkwind: "In Search of Space"
Graham Haynes - "Tones for the 21st Century"
Higher Intelligence Agency: "Colourform"
Ralf Hildenbeutel: "Looking Beyond"
Mark Hollis: "Mark Hollis"
Horizon 222: "Through the Round Window"
Haroumi Hosono: "Medicine Compilation"
John Hudak: "Pond"
Ryoji Ikeda: "+/-"
Ingleton Falls: "Absconded"
Tetsu Inoue: "62 Eulengasse"
IO: "Soundtrack"
Irresistable Force: "Global Chillage"
Jean Michel Jarre: "Equinox"
Jean Michel Jarre: "Oxygene"
Keith Jarrett: "The Koln Concert"
Journeyman:"National Hijinks"
Kinesthesia: "Empathy Box"
Kuhlman & Rehberg: "The Sunken Road"
Thomas Koner: "Teimo"
Thomas Koner: "Nuuk"
Thomas Koner: "Nunatak Gongamur"
David Kristian: "Cricklewood"
David Kristian: "Tacoma Narrows Bridge"
Lab Report: "Unhealthy"
Labradford: "Mi Media Naranja"
Alan Lamb: "Night Passage"
Alan Lamb: "Primal Image"
Laraaji: "Days of Radiance"
Bill Laswell: "Hear No Evil"
Bill Laswell & Pete Namlook: "Outland 3"
Bill Laswell & Terre Thaemlitz: "Web"
Bill Laswell & Tetsu Inoue: "Cymatic Scan"
Bill Laswell: "Outer Dark"
Oliver Lieb: "Constellation"
Lilith: "Stone"
Daniel Lentz: "On the Leopard Altar"
Richard Lerman: "Within Earreach"
Francisco Lopez: "Azoic Zone"
Lucid: "Idylls And The Secret Remain"
Lucid: "Baby Labyrinthian"
Lull: "Cold Summer"
Lunasol: "Butterfly"
Lunasol: "Dawn"
Lustmord: "The Monstruous Soul"
Lustmord vs metalbeast
Lycia: "Cold"
Maeror Tri: "Myein"
Main: "Firmament III"
Main: "Deliquescence"
Makyo: "Rasa Bhava"
Michael Mantra: "Sonic Alter"
Ingram Marshall: "Fog Tropes"
Massive Attack: "Mezzanine"
Terrence McKenna & Zuvuya: "Dream Matrix Telemetry"
Media Form: "Beauty Reports"
Wim Mertens: "Close Cover"
Merzbow: "Batztoutai with Material Gadgets"
Merzbow: "Loop Panic Limited"
Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays: "As Wichita Falls, So Falls Wichita Falls"
Microstoria: "Snd"
Mix Master Morris: "Its Tomorrow Already"
Mixmaster Morris & Jonah Sharp: "Quiet Logic"
Mo Buma: "Myths of the Near Future Part 1"
Mo Buma: "Jijimuge"
Moby: "hymn.alt.quiet.version"
Roy Montgomery: "Temple IV"
David Morely: "Tilted"
David Moufang & Jonah Sharp: "Reagenz"
David Moufang: "Solitare"
Mouse on Mars: "Vulvaland"
Muslimgauze: "Zul'm"
Mulimgauze: "Maroon"
Muslimgauze: "Return To Black September"
Robert Musso: "Transonic 2"
Mu-ziq: "In Pine Effect"
Mysteries of Science: "Mysteries of Science"
Pete Namlook: "Silence III"
Pete Namlook & Dr.Atmo: "Silence II"
Pete Namlook: "Air II"
Pete Namlook & Bill Laswell: "Psychonavigation 3"
Pete Namlook: "Wandering Soul"
Pete Namlook: "Definitive Ambient Collection Vol 2"
Pete Namlook: "The definitive ambient collection"
Pete Namlook: "Season's Greetings- "Winter"
Pete Namlook & Mixmaster Morris: "Dreamfish"
Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue: "2350 Broadway 2"
Pete Namlook & Atom Heart: "Jet Chamber I"
Pete Namlook & Burhan Ocal: "Sultan"
Bill Nelson: "Chance Encounters in the Garden of Lights"
New London School of Electronics: "The Deepest Cut"
Nocturnal Emissions: "Spiritflesh"
Nocturnal Emissions: "Magnetized Light"
Non: "Easy Listening for Iron Youth"
Not Drowning, Waving: "Cold and the Crackle"
K.K.Null and Jim O'Rourke: "A New Kind of Water"
Nurse With Wound: "Spiral Insana"
Nurse With Wound: "Sololqui For Lilith"
Omala: "Germ"
Omala: "Relicon"
Ora: "Rosea"
The Orb: "The Aubrey Mixes"
The Orb: "Blue Room single"
The Orb: "Assassin"
The Orb: "A Huge Ever Pulsating Brain"
The Orb: "Peel Sessions"
The Orb: "Live '93"
William Orbit: "Strange Cargo III"
Orbital: "In Sides"
Jim O'Rourke: "Disengage"
O Yuki Conjugate: "Spoke"
O Yuki Conjugate: "Primitive"
Ozric Tentacles: "Erpland"
Panasonic: "Kulma"
Alex Patterson & Mix Master Morris: "Mixmag Live Vol.9"
PGR: "The Chemical Bride"
Photophobia: "Iridology I and II"
Pink Floyd: "More Soundtrack"
Pink Floyd: "Wish You Were Here"
Pink Floyd Trance Remixes: "A Momentary Lapse of Reason"
Pink Floyd: "Mettle"
Daniel Pemberton: "Bedroom"
Pentatonik: "Anthology"
Plaid: "Not for Threes"
Plastikman: "Consumed"
Larry Polansky: "Simple Harmonic Motion"
Pole: "Pole 2"
Pole: CD1
Popol Vuh: "Aguirre/In the Gardens of the Pharaoh"
Porcupine Tree: "The sky moves sideways"
Porcupine Tree: "Stupid Dream"
Propeller Island: "Materia Prima"
Psychic TV: "At Stockholm"
Pulusha: "Isolation"
Raison De Etre: "Enthraled By The Wind Of Lonelieness"
Raison De Etre: "Prospectus"
Rapoon: "Dream Circle"
Rapoon: "Tin Of Drum"
Rapoon: "Vernal Crossing"
Redcell: "Stasis"
Redeye: "Arizona Tracks"
Michel Redolfi: "Nauusica"
Michel Redolfi: "Sonic Waters"
David Reeves: "Otras"
The Residents: "Eskimo"
Jorge Reyes: "Neirika"
Jorge Reyes: "El Costumbre"
Robert Rich: "Propagation"
Robert Rich: "Below Zero"
Terry Riley: "Shri Camel"
Steve Roach: "Origins"
Steve Roach: "The Dream Circle"
Steve Roach: "Seven Veils"
Jocelyn Robert: Folie/Culture
Philip Samartzis: "Residue"
Sandoz: "Intensely Radioactive"
Scala: "To You In Alpha"
Scanner: "Sound For Spaces"
Eberhard Schoener: "Meditation"
Robert Schroeder: "Time Waves"
Klaus Schulze: "Timewind"
Klaus Schulze: "Totem"
Klaus Schulze: "Mirage"
Paul Schutze: "New Maps of Hell"
Paul Schutze: "Surgery of Touch"
Paul Schutze: "Deus Ex Machina"
Paul Schutze: "Regard: Music by Film"
Stephen Scott: "Minerva's Web / Tears of Niobe"
Stephen Scott: "Music for Bowed Piano"
Seefeel: "Polyfusia"
Seefeel: "Starethrough"
Jonn Serrie: "The Stars Go With You"
Jonah Sharp & David Moufang: "Reagenz"
Sian: "Sink/Assign"
Talvin Singh: "Calcutta Cybercafe: Drum & Space"
Sir Isaac Neutron: "Gravity for Beginners"
Slowdive: "5ep"
Software: "Chip-Meditation"
Software: "Digital-Dance"
Solar Quest: "Orgship"
Sounds from the Ground: "Sweetdust Rising"
Spacemen 3: "DreamWeapon"
Spiral Realms: "Trip To G9"
Spyra: "Future of the Past"
Spyra: "Sferics"
Stars of the Lid: "The Ballasted Orchestra"
Stars of the Lid: "Music For Nitrous Oxide"
Michael Stearns: "Chronos"
Michael Stearns: "Ancient Leaves"
Michael Stearns: "Lyra-Sound Constellation"
Michael Stearns: "Planetary Unfolding"
Saul Stokes: "Shades of Mercury"
Carl Stone: "Mom's"
Morton Subotnick: "The Wild Bull"
Sub Sub: "Coast EP"
Sun Electric: "Kitchen"
Sun Electric: "Live"
Sun Electric: "Aaah!"
David Sylvian: "Ember Glance"
System 7: "Water"
System 7: "777"
Tangerine Dream "The Analogue Space Years 69-73"
Tangerine Dream: "Encore"
Tangerine Dream: "Stratosfear"
Tangerine Dream: "Ricochet"
Tangerine Dream: "Rubycon"
Tangerine Dream: "Electronic Meditation"
Tangerine Dream: "Zeit"
Tangerine Dream: "Alpha Centauri"
Tangerine Dream: "Force Majeure"
Francois Tetaz: "The motionless world of Time between or the drunken
                             taxicab of Absolute Reality"
Francois Tetaz: "The Motionless World of Time Between"
Terre Thaemlitz: "Soil"
Terre Thamelitz: "Tranquilizer"
This Mortal Coil: "Filigree and Shadow"
Robert Scott Thompson: "A Silent Shore"
Robert Scott Thompson: "Frontier"
Throbbing Gristle: "In the Shadow of the Sun"
STEVE TIBBETTS: "Northern Song"
Asmus Tiechens: "Marches Funebres"
Asmus Tiechens: "Seuchengebeite 2"
Asmus Tietchens & Vidna Obmana: "Motives For Recycling"
Asmus Tietchens & Vidna Obmana: "Syrenia 2"
David Toop & Max Eastly: "Buried Dreams"
Toy Bizzare: "kdi dctb 02"
Transonic: "Downstream Illusion"
Tribes of Neurot: "Rebegin"
TUU: "One Thousand Years"
Twilight Circus: "Dubplate Selection"
Tylervision: "Tylervision"
Underworld: "dubnobasswithmyheadman"
Vainqueur: "Vainqueur"
Mark Van Hoen: "the last flowers from the darkness"
Vangelis: "Soil Festivities"
Vangelis: "The City"
Various: "Night Passage (demixed)"
Various: "3-Lux 3"
Various: "Ambient 2: Imaginary Landscapes"
Various: "Ambient Dub Vol.II"
Various: "Ambient Systems"
Various: "Analogue Heaven"
Various: "Assemblage Vol. 1"
Various: "Excursions In Ambience 2"
Various: "ESP Vol. I: The Ambient Groove"
Various: "Fax compilation I"
Various: "Fax compilation II"
Various: "Plug In Turn On II"
Various: "From Here to Tranquility Volume 2"
Various: "Sacred Flute Music of New Guinea Vol 1 + 2"
Various: "SlumberMusic"
Various: "Symphonies of the Planets Vol 1"
Various: "Synoptics: A Reflective Compilation"
Various: "The Whole Traffic 2"
Various: "Tox Uthat v.2"
Various: "Versteinerung"
various: "Feed Your Head 1"
Various: "Feed Your Head 2"
various: "Storm of Drones"
various: "Em:t 2000"
Various:  "Em:t 0094"
Various:  "Barramundi, an introduction to a cooler world"
Various:  "The Spirit Of Wandjina: Third Barramundi Sampler"
Various:  "Tone Tales From Tomorrow Too"
Various:  "Megasoft Office 98"
Various:  "COLDCUT MIX: Tone Tales for Tomorrow 1"
Various:  "COLDCUT MIX: Tone Tales for Tomorrow 2"
Various:  "Ambient Cookbook"
Various:  "Artificial Intelligence II"
Various:  "Eclipse: A Journey of Permanence and Impermanence"
Various:  "Synoptics: a Reflective compilation"
Various:  "Em:t 5595"
Vidna Obmana & Sam Rosenthal: "Terrace Of Memories"
Vidna Obmana: "Trilogy"
Viridian Sun: "Solar Noise"
Visor: "s/t"
Voice Of Eye:  "Transmigration"
Voice Of Eye: "The Hungry Void, Vol. 1: Fire"
Voice Of Eye: "The Hungry Void, Vol. 2: Water"
Hidergard Westerkamp: "Transformations"
Windy & Carl: "Antartica"
Xylon: "Mooncafe"
La Monte Young: "The Second Dream of the High-Tension Line Stepdown Transformer from The Four Dreams of China"
La Monte Young & the Forever Blues Band: "Just Stompin"
Zion Train/Diatribe: "split 12"
John Zorn: "Redbird: for Agnes Martin"
Zoviet France: "Eostre"
Zoviet France: "Gris"
Zoviet France: "Just an illusion"
Zoviet France: "Digilogue"