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::: BOCCA JUNIORS ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
The Bocca Juniors is Andrew Weatherall, Terry Farley, Pete Heller, Anna Haigh

Bocca Juniors: Raise
   12": 1990 UK (Boy's Own; BOIX 1)
          5:59  Raise (63 Steps to Heaven) - Heavenly Rap
          6:05  Raise (Redskin Rock Mix)
          5:20  Raise (Philly House Skank)
    7": 1990 UK (Boy's Own; BOI1)
          3:34  Raise (63 Steps to Heaven) (Redskin Rock)
          3:40  Raise (63 Steps to Heaven) (Heavenly Rap Edit)
   CD5: 1990 UK (Boy's Own; BOIX 1)
          6:02  Raise (63 Steps to Heaven) (Heavenly Rap)
          3:34  Raise (63 Steps to Heaven) (Redskin Rock)
          6:56  Raise (63 Steps to Heaven) (Piano Hoe Down)
        [rapper: Protege; singer: Anna Haigh]

Bocca Juniors: Raise - Tackhead Remix
   12": 1991 UK (Boy's Own; BOIXR 1)
          5:00  Raise (63 Steps to Heaven) (Tackhead Remix)
          5:20  Raise (63 Steps to Heaven) (Dubhead Mix)
          5:19  Raise (63 Steps to Heaven) (Song for Giles)
        [remix: Tackhead]

Bocca Juniors: Substance
   12": 1991 UK (Boy's Own; BOIX 5)
          7:44  Substance
          8:34  Substantially Soulful

Bocca Juniors: Substance Remix 'Bocca Juniors 'V' The Moody Boys
   12": 1991 UK (Boy's Own; BOIXR 5)
          5:16  Substance (Savage Version)
          4:32  Substance (Amen)
        [singer: Anna Haigh; additional vocals: Katherine Wood;
        piano: Alaster Gavin; bass: Mick Bund]
          5:03  Substance (Juvenile)
        [vocals: Katherine Wood; Piano: Alaster Gavin; Chat: Younger Youth]

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