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::: DEANNE DAY :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Deanne Day is Andrew Weatherall and James Hardway (Dave Harrow)
 "D and A" geddit?! :)

Deanne Day: The Day After E.P.
   12": 1994 UK (Emissions Audio Output; PT023)
          7:18  Horicho
          7:30  Body Control
          9:21  Honk (If You've Seen The King)
        [Written & produced by DEANNE DAY and JAMES HARDWAY]

Deanne Day Vs. Blue  Prisoner
   12": 1994 UK (Emissions Audio Output/Special Emissions; SE004) [one-sided; 
                limited x500]
          11:01  Prisoner

Deanne Day: I Can Hardly Breathe
   12": 1996 UK (Emissions Audio Output; PT033) [21 Oct 96]
         14:20  Hardly Breathe *
         10:10  The Long First Friday
        Written & produced by DEANNE DAY & JAMES HARDWAY
        * sample from 'Thousand Lives' (Edward Barton/Samita Pandya)
        "The important event in love is the moment when nakedness is revealed"
        -- Pierre Louys

 Deanne Day - Compilation appearances

  "Midnight Automatic"
        [on Various: Fresh Emissions]
          3xLP: 1995 UK (Emissions Audio Output; SOP005)
          2xCD: 1995 UK (Emissions Audio Output; SOP005)
             7:32  Midnight Automatic

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