R e i n f o r c e d

REINFORCED RECORDS was established in late 1989 by Mark, Dego, Gus, and Ian, in Northwest London.

REINFORCED has focused on the production of high-quality drum'n'bass music based on futurism, experimentation, open-mindedness, and innovation, while still maintaining a connection to the dance floor.

Their music also reveals a great deal about the roots of this music in Hardcore, Techno, House, Electro, Hip hop, Funk, and Jazz; forging a single-minded but diverse body of work that proves the expansive and inclusive aspects of drum'n'bass music.

Since 1990, the R has released over 120 12-inch singles, compilations, albums, and CDs. In the beginning, the label functioned primarily to promote their own music as, 4 Hero, or under their individual project names such as Dego's Tek 9 or Mark's Manix. Gradually, they incorporated other artists into their mission, and nurtured some of the most brilliant and influential drum'n'bass artists, including Goldie, Doc Scott, Nookie, Ray Keith, Jamie Meyerson, and Leon Mar.

This webpage is a tribute to the versatility of their music as they continue to dig deeper into the crates, exploding formulas on the way.

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